Bespods is not your obvious dictionary noun or verb but its meaning lies in our work of art. It means bespoke pod living. Our business focuses on the development of minimalism and sustainability by converting and recycling shipping containers into unique pieces of luxury accommodation. Our sustainability is two- pronged in that our intent is ultimately building off-grid hospitality units and intensifying recycling opportunities from building materials to pieces of furniture or appliances.

Bespods was the meeting of minds and the idea was hatched over a short conversation at Kambati River Resort and after which a business agreement was drawn to cement this business opportunity into a binding reality. We burnt rubber as we went back and forth from Cape Town to Kambati River Resort as the founding team focused on the strategy, design, funding and the development process.

As they say all things start from humble beginnings and indeed the original shipping container was remodeled at one of the founder’s residence. Whenever there is a will, there will be enough reason to conquer the determination. The official build project started on the 1st of August 2018 and the remodeled pieces were delivered to Kambati River Resort in October 2018. Final work on the interiors lasted until the 15th of December.


Many months of planning is undertaken before a Bespods living container is dispatched and installed on site. Preparation of the container internally and externally is seen to. Containers are sealed and hardened to allow them to be durable for their long future ahead. Its location is carefully planned and plotted giving its future guests modern living comforts while surrounded by nature and beautiful views.

The base frame

The first base frame is set at Kam’Bati River Resort on a carefully researched area. The base stand gives the pod a breathing space between you and nature. Each structure has to hold a minimum container weight of 2300 kg!

Finishing up

Last but not least team members can now work at making the pods looks aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The exterior and interior are worked on around the clock to ensure guests have all the modern comforts with amazing picturesque views from just outside their window.