“The secret of happiness is not

found in seeking more, but in developing

the capacity to enjoy less.” – Socrates

Bespoke Pod Living

Busy building the first prototype of our Recycled Shipping Container Units. Launching 1 December 2018 at Kam’Bati River Resort as a 2 bedroom Self-Catering unit with 2 en-suite Bathrooms. Deck ovelooking a dam and green energy from our Solar Powered roof. Bespods – Bespoke Pod Living

Bespoke Pod Living

Bespods is not your obvious dictionary noun or verb but its meaning lies in our work of art. It means bespoke pod living. Our business focuses on the development of minimalism by converting and recycling shipping containers into unique pieces of luxury accommodation.

New Accommodation

Making nice progress with our new Accommodation unit build out of recycled shipping containers. The new units will be called Bespods and target date for opening is 1 Dec 2018. More info and bookings will open soon.

Guest Reviews

  • Wow ! Loved every minute!!! Great stay, awesome facilities, beautiful and serene and all this at a great price, definitely coming again

    Zenobia Haupt-Campbell
  • Wow - what a place, great facilities, free roaming for the kids, extremely helpful & friendly staff, a well deserved 5 *****!

    Rebecca Cannon
  • I love it!:-)

    Jaco Badenhorst